note1 [ nout ] noun count ***
▸ 1 short bit of writing
▸ 2 detailed information
▸ 3 sound/sign in music
▸ 4 feeling/thought
▸ 5 piece of paper money
1. ) a short letter to someone:
I sent a note to Jane thanking her for the meal.
There's a note from Dad on the table.
write someone a note: I've written him a note asking him to meet me tonight.
leave someone a note: We left them a note saying dinner was in the fridge.
a ) something that you write down to remind you of something:
make a note of something: I've made a note of what needs to be repaired.
b ) an extra piece of information about something in a book:
See note on page 10.
c ) a short official document, especially one that you sign:
Did you receive a delivery note with the goods?
2. ) notes plural details from something such as a lecture or a book that you write down so that you can remember them:
I wasn't there can I borrow your notes?
take notes: It'll help you later if you take notes.
copious notes (=a lot of notes): She had listened carefully and taken copious notes.
a ) printed information that gives you help or advice on a particular subject:
a company that publishes study notes
b ) a collection of written information relating to a particular person:
Ask your doctor if you want to see your medical notes.
We keep notes on all our clients.
3. ) an individual sound in music. A group of notes played together is called a chord and a series of notes that form a separate set is called a scale:
See if you can sing this note.
He played a few notes on the piano.
a ) a written sign that represents a musical note
4. ) usually singular the feelings or thoughts of people in a particular situation:
on a humorous/positive/negative etc. note: His presidency began on an optimistic note.
I'd like to end the discussion on a more cheerful note.
a ) a way of speaking or writing that shows what someone's feelings are:
There was an impatient note in her voice.
note of: a note of sadness in his letter
5. ) MAINLY BRITISH a piece of paper money
compare notes
if two people compare notes, they talk about something to find out if they have the same information or opinions about it:
compare notes on: The kids were comparing notes on their latest CDs.
make a mental note
to try to keep something in your mind so that you will not forget it:
He made a mental note to ask Kate about it later.
of note FORMAL
important or famous:
There's nothing of note in his report.
Several writers of note will be at the conference.
strike/sound a note
to create a particular mood by the way that you speak or behave:
Although developments are generally good others have sounded a note of caution.
He has struck the right note by praising their work.
take note
to notice something and try to remember it because you think it is important:
When the people speak with such passion, politicians should take note.
take note of: I took note of what she said.
worthy of note FORMAL
important or interesting:
The following points are worthy of note.
worthy of note that: It is worthy of note that these systems are used worldwide.
note 2 [ nout ] verb transitive ***
1. ) FORMAL to notice or realize something:
Liz noted the changes with satisfaction.
Some differences have been noted.
note that: Please note that all passengers must have a valid passport.
it is important/interesting to note that: It is interesting to note that government money was used to fund their operations.
2. ) often passive FORMAL to mention something:
The growth of trade was noted in the last conference.
As noted earlier, his plans were rejected.
3. ) note or note down to write something down so that you will have a record of it:
Isabel noted the details in her diary.
Her answers were noted down on the chart.
be noted for
if a person or thing is noted for something such as an ability or quality, they are well known for having it:
The area is noted for its vineyards.
He is not noted for his sense of humor.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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